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Coastal Cuisine – Truckin’ Along


By Liesel Schmidt

There’s an unspoken understanding that location is everything when you’re opening a restaurant, what with considerations like leasing costs, overhead expenditures like utilities, maintenance expenses, and—that all important thing that literally feeds your success—customer draw. Pick the wrong spot, and even the best-laid plans for a fantastic restaurant could tank, simply because people have access issues or your location is out of the way. But putting your meals on wheels can be a driving force in keeping your business booming—and with the rising popularity of food trucks that pop up anywhere and everywhere to meet customer demand, these moveable feasts are Tweeting, Instagraming, and Facebooking their way to the top of people’s hit lists when it’s time to feed their face.


In a beach community like Destin where foot traffic is everywhere and people seem to be a constant commodity, hungry entrepreneurs with vision and mad skills in the kitchen are taking advantage of the traffic flow to park their gourmet goodies everywhere from the beaches to the shopping centers, and their varied menus of freshly made foods have them zooming their way to success.


Really, there is no one certain recipe to get guests going, and the food trucks of Destin are serving up everything imaginable, from Caribbean-Asian fusion to smoky tender barbecue and even “adult” ice creams that are blissfully boozy and the perfect way to chill out. Food trucks meet the supply and demand for bites at breakfast, lunch, and dinner—and it’s their ability to pick up and go that makes them a full-throttle taste of ingenuity.


There’s a certain novelty involved, as well. Street vendors have long been a part of the city scene all over the world, but tricking out a truck with kitchen equipment and serving up food made to order that’s a little more of the out-of-the box than standard cart-fare like pretzels, pizza, kebabs, and dogs hasn’t been something that’s caught on until more recently—especially with the growing use of social media and the ability to update potential customers to your location. Get people addicted to what you’re rolling out, and they talk—and that word of mouth will have everyone in hot pursuit of wherever you’re parking it next.


Next time you’re out and about in Destin, take the alternate route and hit up a food truck—it’s the perfect way to drive the local economy and a fun way to fuel up your day.








Hunger got you running on Empty? Set your GPS to find some of the area’s best food trucks:

  • Big Red Truck- Get your engine going with fun eats like fresh made tacos piled high with barbecue pork and Asian chicken, gooey grilled cheeses, and wacked-out wedge salads that put a new spin on things.
  • Coastal Chow- Take your taste buds on a journey where Island spice shares the lane with the Far East in tasty bites like bao buns, bulgogi, kimchi fried rice, and Jerk chicken that’ll put your hunger in neutral.
  • Wine Not Florida- Get pulled over for driving under the indulgence with fruity shaved-ices, delicious pops, and creamy, dreamy dairy delights only for those of legal licking age.
  • Caribbean Jerk on Wheels- Tune into Jamaican jams like jerk chicken, curried goat, and fluffy spiced rice that’ll have you flooring it to find out their next location.
  • The Philly Cheesesteak Factory- Get on the road bound for Philly with fresh soups and cheesesteaks so authentic you’ll swear you’re in the City of Brotherly Love.

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